Confession: Review

Victor Strong (Stephen Moyer) has come to a church in the middle of the night with a loaded gun. He’s met by an alarmed Father Peter (Colm Meaney) who instantly tries to calm down the situation, but is also looking for a way to get out of there so he can contact the police.

However, Victor is a little too aware of the situation and is on alert, so when Father Pete tries something, he makes sure that he knows who’s in control. While they sit down, Victor and the priest start talking, being part of his job is getting people to talk and taking confession, so soon Father Peter has the gun totting man at ease.

As they talk, Victor’s sins come pouring out of him like wine and they both come to realise that they more in common than they thought. The problem is that they’re not the only ones to be in that church that night.

Confession is a crime drama written and directed by David Beton. A tightly written script puts the two men on opposite sides of their faith and their beliefs and tells their story from their own perspectives. Colm Meaney and Stephen Moyer also do excellent jobs in portraying their characters and the connection between them is in their performances as they find subtle ways to flesh out their characters.

Sooner or later, it feels like they’re old friends talking about their past regrets and the audience may even forget that one is holding a gun to the other. Although that’s not to say that the film is without its action.

Beton draws the audience in not only with his dialogue, but with the choice of the secluded setting where anything could happen and the twists and turns that the script takes will keep the audience gripped.

It may seem a bit of a cliché at first to have a supposed murderer come to a church to confess his sins, but Confession has things that the audience may never see coming. Besides a little too much exposition, it makes for an intensive watch.

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