A Shot Through The Wall: Review

A Shot Through The Wall

Officer Mike Tan (Kenny Leu) is a rookie cop on the force in Brooklyn and still lives with his family where he answers to his persistent, but caring mother, May (Fiona Fu). Then one day while on patrol, Officer Tan and his partner, Officer Ryan Doheney (Derek Goh) are talking to some men on the street, one of them makes a run for it. So, like all good officers, the two beat cops make chase.

Mike is right on the heels of his partner when a gun goes off before he can get to the suspect. Unfortunately, when he gets there, he sees that the suspect is dead. From that moment on, Officer Mike Tan is embroiled in an investigation into what happened during that shooting and who was responsible which leads to twists and turns in the story with shocking results.

A Shot Through the Wall is a well thought out and precisely scripted police drama from the police point of view of what happens when a suspect dies and the police are responsible.

Mike is clearly cut up by the incident and feels guilty although he wasn’t directly involved in the shooting. His conscience plays on his mind and like anybody in that situation he goes over and over it again in his mind thinking about what he could have done differently.

However, things are not as black and white as they first appear and Aimee Long’s film takes the audience through a seemingly realistic portrayal of what happens when the truth gets in the way of a good story.

Looking at the story from all angles, A Shot Through the Wall leaves no stone unturned and goes through everything from Mike’s relationship with his family, his girlfriend, Candace (Ciara Renée), the media and the courts, giving a fleshed-out account of what happened. Kenny Leu also gives a great performance in the central role and gives life to a nuanced script which never pulls any punches and goes to places you wouldn’t expect it to go.

The film can be held up on some criticism though, because although A Shot Through the Wall isn’t a pro-police film, there is barely anything from the side of the family of the suspect who got shot. In a time where stories of police brutality are a hot topic, A Shot Through the Wall gives the audience something new to think about.

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