Feast: Disney+ Talk

Feast: Disney+ Talk

One of my favourite Disney short films is ‘Feast’. It was released in 2014, and accompanied ‘Big Hero 6’ during its theatrical run, and has just been added to Disney+. ‘Feast’ is a 6-minute short, telling the story of a human through the eyes of his adopted Bull Terrier and the meals the dog is given. 

I am definitely a ‘dog person’; I own two dogs and love them very much, so the way the narrative is structured is not only unique, but adorable and innocent. Dogs are curious creatures by nature, so this helps carry the story.

By choosing to tell the story through the eyes of Winston, the dog, it gives us subtle hints to what is happening to the owner in his life: junk food gets replaced by salads and fancy foods as he goes on dates with a woman, to then change back to takeaways as the woman breaks up with the owner. It’s a different approach to storytelling and is a delightful watch; just don’t watch this when you’re hungry!

The overall short has a soft look to it, thanks to the animation style, symbolizing the softness and innocence of Winston and this works beautifully. This, and the editing are the main reasons why this is my favourite short.

The way that the shots flow seamlessly together makes this short not only satisfying to watch but interesting too. 

Overall, ‘Feast’ is a delight to watch. It tells a simple story through a unique, and innocent, perspective, making this a one-of-a-kind short film. If you have not seen this, I would recommend watching this. 

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