Batsh*t Bride: Review

Batsh*t Bride

Batsh*t Bride…a title like that is enough to make anyone – or people like me at least – feel like they have to see this film. I also feel that the title, being as much a selling point as it was with Snakes on a Plane, it is also something of a detriment to the film itself. The story to this romcom is that a bridezilla wants the perfect wedding.

Heather’s mother had the perfect wedding, and that is exactly what she wants, no matter what. You think of any part of a wedding, she is cherry picking it to perfection. She needs to loosen up, as her friends tell her – only for it to completely backfire when she does.

The reason that I say that the title is a detriment to the film is that when you hear the title Batsh*t Bride you think of a film that is, well, Batsh*t! Something either hyper stylized or artful, or even something that is just raunchy or running at a breakneck pace. That was that mindset that I had when going in. So I was very surprised to find that it felt like a romcom that Reese Witherspoon would have starred in back in the early 2000’s.

Well, maybe that is a bit harsh as I did find the film to be funny. It is well written with some very well crafted jokes. A lot of it is situational humour, with every character reacting very poorly to the situation’s that they are in. The actors, in particular lead actress Meghan Falcone, all have excellent comedic timing as well as charming personalities.

Even when they are meant to be hair-pullingly frustrating, they are so much fun to watch. It really adds to the film’s likability. Romcoms, like any other genre of film, can fall into the meanspirited camp – where everyone and everything, no matter how lighthearted, can feel detestable. But, with Batsh*t Bride, it’s hard not to find the actors likeable.

The film does have a nice message at heart, even if the reveal of this message is both a little heavy handed and sloppy. Outside of this, the film works very well from a story standpoint. While the characters definitely do questionable things, it does all work to a better goal. They grow and learn from their mistakes and the film doesn’t feel malicious like such films as Bride Wars.

An unfortunate letdown is from the films direction. Low budget films can look great. Along the same lines Juno was low budget and that film, for all its faults, looks like it was more expensive. But Batsh*t Bride looks and feel pretty cheap. When the same locations are shot so flatly, it does become evident that they only had a limited amount of sets to shoot on. It is a good thing that we had this script and this cast as the directing was done with little flair, feeling very workman like and uninspired.

I do recommend Batsh*t Bride. It isn’t the kind of film that I usually go for, for I enjoyed it. It was funny and charming, overcoming its faults and making for an engaging watch.

It is something that those who like romcoms will find a lot to enjoy. Still, I will give credit to a film that engaged someone outside of its target audience. Maybe it isn’t as stylish as it should be, but it is more than worth your time.

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