The Lost Husband: Review

The Lost Husband

When crisis hits, we all know that the best thing to do is to take your entire family to rural Texas to stay with the aunt you haven’t seen in years. Of COURSE it is, we’ve all done it. Well, that happens to be the very plotline of Vicky Wright’s The Lost Husband and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Libby Moran is played by Leslie Bibb who after the death of her husband has lost all sense of purpose but is forced to break her now steadfast routine by an Aunt who believes in what she can do, and believes with all her heart the rough farm life is for everyone.

As you’d expect she meets a beautiful farmland, her life is changed, and we reveal family secrets…and I loved it.

Poorly rated on IMDB, and probably by reviewers everywhere, The Lost Husband is silver screen gold. Weirdly though, it is in cinemas, though it will be also appearing on Apple TV from the 10th of April, which we all know is basically the same thing.

I’m a personal lover of cheesy cinema. Don’t get me wrong; beautiful cinematography, unique and insightful scripts are incredible, but there remains a place for the simple picture, and I will always champion it. Leslie Bibb and Josh Duhamel give standard silver screen performances, and they do very well despite the simplistic and unrealistic script.

Rarely does a forced conversation about their deep rooted problems come naturally, and rarely do the secrets revealed make any sense. They were also oddly kept to the very last 30 minutes of the film and were given very little time to be developed or understood.

Nonetheless, The Lost Husband is a nice easy flowing, sometimes funny, sometimes heart warming film that doesn’t give a lot, but doesn’t ask a lot either. In difficult times, if you’re stressed…or locked indoors, sometimes we don’t want a hard watch and sometimes we don’t want to think. There are probably better versions, but The Lost Husband is a decent coming of middle age film where someone finds their path.

It’s beautifully simple, beautifully easy and elegant for it. The Lost Husband is a Sunday afternoon watch if there ever was one, and a good one at that, just don’t expect to be blown away.

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