Virus-32: Review

Virus-32: Review

Iris (Paula Silva) has had a troubled past, but she’s trying to put it behind her with her husband, Luis (Daniel Hendler) and her daughter. However, one day as Iris is trying to get to her daughter, things don’t seem quite right and before she can gather her bearings she’s attacked.

Realising that something is horribly wrong and that there are more people who have become infected with a violent rage, Iris realises that getting to her daughter will be harder than she thought. Although after an encounter with one of the infected, Iris realises that there’s a 32 second window after they attack where she may have time to escape.

She just has to make sure her daughter is safe and that she can get there in time.

Virus-32 is a Uruguayan zombie film directed by Gustavo Hernández and co-written by Juma Fodde. Taking an original premise for a zombie movie, Hernández may have very well breathed new life into the genre. Using its unique selling point sparingly and effectively, Virus-32 tells the story of a grieving mother desperately looking for a second chance as the world falls into chaos around her.

Silva is particularly captivating in her role as she has to carry almost all of the film entirely by herself. Despite Virus-32 being a zombie flick which some may look down upon, Silva’s performance shows all the grief and anguish that any mother would face in a desperate situation.

More of a slow burn horror that seems to be taking inspiration from media such as The Last of Us and The Walking Dead, Virus-32 focuses more on character rather than scares. Although when it does want to scare, it ramps up the tension and makes the audience hold its breath as they watch Iris struggle to survive.

Virus-32 is also not afraid to go to some very dark places and to equally disturb its audience as it is to make them feel for Iris and her daughter. Images of motherhood, pregnancy and loss are scattered throughout and prove that with the right people behind the camera, the zombie genre may be able to take a few more bites.

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