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Films, games, Godzilla and Scott Pilgrim; these are the things that Alex loves. As he tries to make use of the fact he’s always staring at a screen or in a book, you’ll hopefully be treated to some good reviews along the way (though he doesn’t promise anything).

A grandfather, who adores his family fills his family home with love, playfulness and art. A mother ,strives to show the world that she

Queen Of Lapa

Queen of Lapa is a documentary about the struggles, abuse & strength of trans sex workers in Rio de Janeiro. Yet, it is unique

A Night In '97

It’s another chilli night in Scarborough & Whitby, as Labour Candidate Bertie Oldcross (Rodger Ringrose)and his trusted campaign manager Simon (Ryan Early) prepare for

Kill The Monsters

‘An Allegory of America’, Kill the Monsters is the tale of three men struggling to keep their polyamorous relationship together whilst travelling across the

Angelfish: Review

A story of love and responsibility, Angelfish is story of a young couple from different sides of the track. Forced to look after his