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Films, games, Godzilla and Scott Pilgrim; these are the things that Alex loves. As he tries to make use of the fact he’s always staring at a screen or in a book, you’ll hopefully be treated to some good reviews along the way (though he doesn’t promise anything).

Beautiful Boy

Based on real life memoirs from both father and son, Beautiful Boy chronicles the inspiring yet crushing experience of abuse, recovery and relapse. Beautiful

Nothing To Do

Your father’s dying; you don’t like your sister very much; your father wants to die; but your sister can’t bear to see him go…what


After being administered an experimental drug, accused bank robber Macdonald (Matthew Modine) is dragged to landmarks of his crime to try to discover where

Review: Funny Tweets

Ever thought you were so hilarious the world needs to know? How about posted a tweet you think everyone you know will fall on

The Lightest Darkness

Struggling to finish a case, an anxious and obsessive Private Eye boards a train; and as a British person I know, nothing good happens