Alex Cole
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Films, games, Godzilla and Scott Pilgrim; these are the things that Alex loves. As he tries to make use of the fact he’s always staring at a screen or in a book, you’ll hopefully be treated to some good reviews along the way (though he doesn’t promise anything).

The Driving Seat

It's a typical Saturday morning in suburbia


Incorporating POV action, this film brings graffiti art alive as we’re taken on the journey of an artist trying to make her mark on


Terminator is undoubtedly one of the greatest films ever made. It's sequel, Terminator 2: Judgement Day was in the eyes of many (including mine)

Never Let Go

Sometimes holidays aren't the vacation you imagine. Never Let Go takes this to its pinnacle as a single mother has to take the law


The result of collaboration between French director Clément Oberto and French music producer Mr. Flash, Cream is more art than film. Designed to portray