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Shed belongs to a unique and individual genre, only rivaled by perhaps slapstick comedy, where the most ridiculous, and often poorly put together parts often equal a classic. Nazi surfers, a vicious and hungry vagina, even a murderous tyre are all classics of the indie horror world, and excellent in their own right. 

Whilst Shed isn’t quite as ludicrous as a murderous circle of rubber, a skin changing monster flick filmed on a low budget during a hurricane is definitely in the same vain. Yet despite that, Shed falls horribly short. The dialogue is stilted, the sound quality awful and the style ever changing. Sometimes its filmed in first person, sometimes in the style of Paranormal Activity, sometimes it’s just a normal film, and occasionally it’s basically a porno. None of these are bad in themselves, but they just don’t quite…fit.


Credit where credit is due, I loved the idea behind Shed. I like the monsters, I like the moral struggle and the religious twang to the story had me impressed, but none of this makes up for awful dialogue and delivery. The writers and directors of Shed should keep making films, but Shed lacked a style, it lacked an image and it lacked consistent, apart from a odd obsession with sex saving the world. In that, it was definitely consistent.

David Axe’s Shed is a miss for me, but if you do love to give Indie Horror a go and you’re having a cheesy night then…maybe chuck it in for a bit of fun.

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