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Films, games, Godzilla and Scott Pilgrim; these are the things that Alex loves. As he tries to make use of the fact he’s always staring at a screen or in a book, you’ll hopefully be treated to some good reviews along the way (though he doesn’t promise anything).


The third instalment of Oatmeal Studios’ Volume One series takes us into deep space as Zygote introduces us into a dystopia where disposable labour


Having created quite an obsession in my mind with Neil Blomkamp after the release of District 9 which sits firmly amongst my favourite movies

Review: Sunday Worship

A melancholic journey into the past, Sunday Worship is a thought provoking short film tackling old age, loss and memory. Thoroughly relatable to any Brit,

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Tackling the isolated world of the stand-up comic, Dying Laughing is an intimate documentary that breaks the barrier between comic and audience. Dying Laughing

film reviews | movies | features | BRWC Review: Jawbone

Former youth champion boxer Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris - Also credited as the Writer) has hit rock bottom. Fueled by alcohol, the death of