Sleep. Walk. Kill. – Review

Sleep. Walk. Kill. - Review

Sleep. Walk. Kill. – Review

Edgar (Bill Reick) is a single man, who lives alone and has let his life pass him by. Neither his ex wife or his mother is happy about it, but all he wants to do is be left alone. Then one afternoon, a noise is heard throughout the town and when Edgar watches the news, it turns out that it was heard throughout the entire East Coast.

Updates gradually unfold the mystery and when Edgar finds a woman covered in blood after having killed her husband in her sleep, there seems to be more going on than they first thought. It turns out that to stay alive, they must stay awake and that means letting those people in that he just wanted to go away – his family.

Sleep. Walk. Kill. is a horror comedy from first time writer/director Justin Miller. Clearly showing its influences on its sleeve and audiences may be reminded of films such as Shaun of The Dead and A Nightmare on Elm Street. In fact, the premise of the movie melds the two together so well that it’s hard to believe that this premise hasn’t been done before.

Unfortunately, it shows that although it has a well thought out concept, the parts that hold together the beginning and end have been not done so well.

A film like Shaun of The Dead was a clever idea well executed because it was relatable and it was filled with a great cast of actors who could do the roles justice. The situations they were met with were dealt with in an everyday manner and the characters were just funny enough to keep an audience engaged.

Sadly, it seems that the cast of Sleep. Walk. Kill. don’t all meet up to what was expected of their characters. This means that the audience may know what they were going for, but they missed the mark.

Also, most of the comedy seems to come less from the awkward family situations and more the flippant nature of how they deal with death. A choice which crosses a line when a joke is thrown in to break the tension over a pregnant woman’s sudden death. Starting out with a great idea, Sleep. Walk. Kill just doesn’t live up to its potential making the audience feel like they missed out on something great.

Sleep. Walk. Kill. – Review

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