All Sorts: Raindance 22 Review

All Sorts: Review

All Sorts: Raindance 22 Review. By Jake Peffer.

All Sorts follows Diego, who is desperate to find a job. He gets hired at a very odd place called Data-Mart. This place has so many strange things happen in it, but it might just be the perfect place for Diego. While there he meets a young woman named June, who is an incredibly fast filer. Together they discover the world of underground filing. June asks Diego to be her coach and manager to which he agrees. As June starts to rise through the ranks, she and Diego start to fall for one another.

This is without a doubt one of the most bizarre, yet interesting movies I’ve seen in quite some time. The story of this company Data-Mart and all the insane things going on inside keeps you wondering what crazy thing is going to happen next. The best way to describe All Sorts is a mix of Office Space, The Office and the absurdity of randomness that appears in the FX series Atlanta. Director/writer J. Rick Castaneda puts together something unique and not like anything you’ve seen before, especially for a comedy.

There are some unique characters here and the performances from the actors help flesh them out even more. Eli Vargas, who plays Diego, does a great job as the lead. He plays a perfect down on his luck, nerdy guy that just wants to have a good career and find a nice woman. Greena Park as June is a great counterpart to Vargas’ Diego. They have good chemistry together and most of the movie rests on their shoulders and they carry it quite well. Luis Deveze plays the boss of Data-Mart, Vasquez, and he steals the show in every scene. Vasquez is such a strange character that you can’t help but love because of his antics.

You may scratch your head at points during All Sorts, but it is well worth a watch. It does so many things you would never expect to see but that all adds to the insanity of the story and makes things that much more humorous. The relationship between Diego and June makes for a good romance on top of the comedy and the director is able to blend both genres together well.

All Sorts should be available to the public in the UK on AmazonAppleTV/iTunesVimeo, and GooglePlay.

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