Extra Ordinary: The BRWC Review

Extra Ordinary

By Heidi Sharpley.

Its official – the world’s gone crazy. Novel Coronavirus or Covid19, or whatever you are calling it, has us all unnerved and anxious.   Self-isolating is uncomfortable and quarantining is frightening. Fear abounds in these unprecedented times.  Not knowing what to expect has many trying to effect some control by hoarding toilet paper and tinned tomatoes. 

Everyone just needs to keep calm and have a laugh.   So my advice is grab your favourite snack, grab a friend (not literally, keep a safe distance which I believe is 1.5 meters) and quarantine yourself with the movie Extra Ordinary. 

This absurdly ridiculous story is perfect for now. It’s a frenzy of the unexpected and these straight faced characters deal with extraordinary situations without flinching.  They roll with it, head-on, in a relatively calm yet pro-active way. Taking everything in their stride. Take note society, we can all learn from this movie. 

The plot? Where do I start?  Let’s just say this is an Irish paranormal romcom.  Not a category you see often.  There’s the widow raising his teenage daughter while the spirit of his dead wife helps him around the house by letting him know the dog has worms with a message on the toast. 

There’s the washed up rock star who believes a satanic ritual can help restore his career.  Then there’s the lovely Rose Dooley the psychic whose just trying to lead a normal life, running her driving instructor business and looking for love on the way. Her heavily pregnant sister never far when Rose needs support.

Writing parters Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman must have had so much fun directing this movie.  It starts a little slowly and you wonder where this could possibly be heading but surrender your need to predict and just enjoy the silliness and stupidity.  You’ll find yourself smiling (perhaps for the first time in weeks).

The credits list both Mike and Enda as the bin man and belly flop man respectively, confirming for me these guys don’t take life seriously.  Shout out to George Brennan’s music and Martin Pavey’s clever sound.  

“Turns out taking a ghost into your body and puking up his ecto plasm when your daughter is under a satanic elevation spell, can take it out of you,”  Martin Martin.

The last ten minutes of this film are more hectic than the times we are currently living through.  Check your stresses at the door and just lose yourself in 1 1/2 hours of good quality stupidity.  And share this with your friends.  Extra ordinary, it is not. Make sure you see Extra Ordinary.

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