Butt Boy: The BRWC Review

Butt Boy

Chip Gutchell (Tyler Cornack) is bored with his job. He works in I.T. and feels underappreciated and the enforced fun at work is driving him insane. Life at home isn’t much better as his wife has seemed to have lost interest in him and he’s starting to feel like he has nothing to look forward to anymore.

Then one day during a rectal examination, Chip gets a feeling like nothing else he has ever felt before and it changes him inside. He asks his wife to do the things that he’s developed a kink for but she refuses and so with Chip feeling that his life is completely unsatisfied, he turns to alcohol.

Nine years later and Chip’s kink has turned into an obsession and his drinking has turned into an addiction so he decides to go an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where he is partnered up with Detective Russel Fox (Tyler Rice) as his sponsor. Detective Fox has too turned to alcohol after his son went missing not so long ago and as he’s never solved the case, he blames himself.

However, as Chip and Russel start to get to know each other, the detective starts to realise that his sponsor may be responsible as he starts to speculate that he took his son and hid him in a very deep, dark and cavernous orifice. The only problem is that Detective Fox has to prove it first.

Butt Boy is written, directed by and stars Tyler Cornack, co-written by Tyler Rice and adapted from their comedy sketch performed in their comedy series Tiny Cinema. Playing the premise of the sketch in as serious a tone as possible, Cornack’s unusual indie comedy turns into a cat and mouse thriller and plays out pretty much as anyone would expect who has seen a few detective thrillers before.

The problem is that once the premise has been introduced then the filmmakers go all the way in and by the end it starts to become uncomfortable.

If Butt Boy has been played entirely seriously and the premise had been changed (and the title) then it would have been an enjoyable albeit cliched detective story that gives its audience just enough tension to keep them interested.

However, Butt Boy’s premise spreads itself too wide and to the point where it’s not funny anymore and the audience may just want to pull out before it’s over.

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