Louisa Warwick: Interview

Louisa Warwick: Interview

By Ellie K. Louisa Warwick is beautiful, talented and ambitious. Born and raised in the UK, she attended the prestigious boarding school Marlborough College before moving to New York to study Sports Management at New York University. Upon moving to New York, in addition to attending NYU, she signed to Wilhelmina Models where she started her career as a fashion model.

Now as an established model she has worked for companies such as Guess, Victorias Secret and Shiseido. She also has walked in countless New York Fashion Week shows and has been featured in publications such as The Daily Mail, British Vogue, Elle and TMZ.  

Not only is Warwick a supermodel but she has now run the New York City Marathon twice. In her first time attempting it she ran it in 3 hours 33 minutes. The second time she completed the race, she ran it in 3 hours 23 minutes.  We speak to her today about nutrition, fitness and marathon training.  

BRWC: Congratulations on your Marathon Time. How did you get into running?  

When I was younger I used to compete in cross-country races. I ran competitively for England and Great Britain which is how I got into distance running. After moving to New York, I took a break from running for a few years until in 2018 I decided to run my first marathon! 

BRWC: How many miles a week do you train? 

In 2018 I was training 40 miles a week but 6 weeks before the race I tore my lower back muscle whilst training in Central Park & had a trapped nerve. Due to the pain and severity of the injury I was in the hospital and couldn’t walk properly up until 3 days before the race. So, the 2018 marathon was my first exercise/ run in 6 weeks.

I managed to do the race in 3 hours 33 minutes which I was pleased with. For the 2019 marathon I reduced my weekly mileage to a maximum of 25 miles a week and ran it in 3 hours 23 minutes which I was happy with. I find if I go over 30 miles a week, I tend to get injured so having the right balance is key.  

BRWC: What does your diet look like? 

I try to stay as Keto as possible (limit carbs). I also take multi-vitamin supplements (for overall health), probiotics (for gut health) and Nutrafol (for my hair/skin/nails) every day. I don’t really drink alcohol, I’m not against it I just rarely drink and I tend to drink tea instead of coffee.  

BRWC: Do you do any other workouts other than running? 

 Yes of course! I am a member of Fithouse where I like to do Barre classes!  

BRWC: Are you running in the New York City Marathon this year? If so what time are you aiming for?  

I haven’t decided yet but if I do I am going to aim for 3.13 which will keep my times very consistent!

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