Gloria Bell: The BRWC Review

Gloria Bell

By Naseem Ally. Gloria Bell, Julian Moore’s latest film sees her staring as Gloria, a free-spirited divorcee looking to get her mojo back via the nightlife of Los Angeles. She starts out as a wallflower who is socially awkward; making for great entertainment seeing her bust a move amongst the eccentric lighting and disco soundtracks in this film.

Gloria is the main vocal point and the camerawork in this film captures this accurately. It’s a very intimate showing of Gloria’s day to day life. The extreme close ups reveal this lost, out of place, woman looking for a sense of belonging, amongst the drug and sex fueled escapades she embarks on in LA.

There’s a great shot, where the camera spins with Gloria as she gets on a merry go round. It feels like the appropriate metaphor for this film. Once her dating life blossoms after meeting Arnold, played by John Turturro, the film constantly weaves in and out losing it’s cohesiveness.

It feels a bit frustrating as you get invested in the story.

There’s two lines in the movie that spring to mind. ‘Some days I’m happy, some days I’m not’ and ‘When the world blows up, I hope I go down dancing’. This is a perfect analogy as after Gloria and Arnold hit it off enjoying each others company, the cracks of her dating life unravel in drastic ways.

From lashing out with a paintball gun to waking up at a deck chair in Vegas, after drowning her sorrows in a cocktail of marijuanna and booze. It seems like flicking through her diary entry and picking out a page.

Perhaps this is a reflection of Gloria’s intimate tale of coming to terms with her frustrations as a divorcee whilst aiming to recapture a glimpse of her youth.

Gloria Bell is out in cinemas now.

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