Interview: Australia’s Gina Stojanovski

Gina Stojanovski

Gina Stojanovski runs a boutique acting agency dedicated to providing the best possible service to her actors. Her experience, business ethic and eye for detail have crowned Gina Stojanovski, “Australia’s Jerry Maguire“. We caught up with Gina to get the 411 on her very interesting job.

You’d have to be a people person, to want to look after actors I imagine? [laughs]

YES!  I love people, everyone has their story and their uniqueness.

Tell us what a basic day looks like for you. What happens after you have your morning coffee?

You mean my first 7 cups of coffee at 3am?  I start my day at 3am…Go straight in my US emails and see if there are any auditions that I need to handle -that is the priority! I never want to keep casting directors waiting for a confirmation!   I then go into my NY breakdowns and submit all the episodics and commercials as they are quick turnaround. Then I go into my LA breakdowns and submit the same.  Then I jump back in to NY and do the features and jump back into LA and do those features…While handling auditions as they come in.  This goes on till 9am..then my Australian day starts.  I bounce back into LA and NY until 2pm when the US finishes for the day.  Then I regain some normality and work like a normal person until about 6pm. 

Do you take on the same type of actors? Do you have a preference?

No. Every actor has something different to offer.  When I receive an email inquiry from an actor I first look at the presentation of the email and then I look at their information and see if they have a unique skill that I can use to get their foot in the door.

Any big names in the past that you’ve helped out?

I have had a few actors that started off with me with little credits and have now gone on to win awards and become household names.  I’m very proud to say I was there when they first started their journey!

Tell us about a couple of the actors on your books that you think are going to skyrocket in the coming years?

I can’t really name anyone, it could be any one of them -or hopefully all of them. They all have a chance.  When you watch the dedication of these actors, there is no reason why they can’t succeed.

Was management always in the blood?

No not at all.  I was a secretary in the medical field.  I guess because my son Jason got into acting – I took an interest in it and became a great stage mother!  He actually encouraged me to start managing others-so here I am.

Have you had to pull other jobs while running the business, or is this a full time gig?

I started it as a part time gig as I wasn’t sure that anyone would trust me with their career, but before I knew it the reputation grew and so did my business.  It’s a full time gig.  A very very full time gig.

Have you a favorite moment in your career?

My reward is seeing every client succeed, so every time one of them books a job or climbs that next step on the ladder… is my new favourite moment.

What’s the most hilarious request you’ve had from a client?

Oh, I don’t know if its hilarious…It drives me insane but some may look at it as funny…. when actors ask if casting can see them “next Sunday” on their day off.   Haha. Even managers are entitled to a weekend too, right? ha!

Gina Stojanovski, thank you.

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