First Look: Diana Pozharskaya In Firebird

First Look: Diana Pozharskaya In Firebird

The Factory and No Reservation Entertainment have celebrated wrapping principle photography on Firebird by releasing a first look at Diana Pozharskaya’s ‘Luisa’ along with a further image of Tom Prior’s ‘Sergey’.

Peeter Rebane’s, Firebird features Tom Prior(The Theory of Everything, Kingsman: The Secret Service), leading an international cast including: Oleg Zagorodnii (The Choice, Dzhamayka) and Diana Pozharskaya(The Unknown Soldier, Hotel Eleon).  The film was shot in locations including Estonia, Russia and Malta.

Tom Prior as Sergey

Tom Prior as Sergey

Filmmakers have released an early look at ‘Luisa’, played by Diana Pozharskaya, who becomes embroiled in a dangerous love triangle with ‘Sergey’ and ‘Roman’, played by Oleg Zagorodnii.  Accompanying this is a look at Tom Prior’s ‘Sergey’ in full military uniform.  The image gives a sense of the scale and ambition of Rebane’s feature film.

Firebird is directed by University of Southern California and Harvard alumni Peeter Rebane (Robbie Williams – Live in Tallinn), written together with Tom Prior and produced by Brigita Rozenbrika (Defenders of Riga, Archangel).  Based on a true story Firebird is an intense cold war thriller set in the 1970’s Soviet Air Force.  A dangerous love triangle forms between Sergey, a troubled conscript, his best friend Luisa, a charming and ambitious secretary to the base Commander, and a daring young fighter pilot Roman.  Driven by curiosity, they embark on a fatal affair of forbidden love and deception, navigating the precarious line between love and friendship.  Sergey is forced to face his past as Roman’s career is endangered and Luisa struggles to keep her family together.  As the walls close in they risk their freedom and their very lives in the face of an escalating KGB investigation and the multiple perils of an all-seeing Soviet regime.

Firebird is produced by The Factory; who have an ethos to tell true stories with a social impact which inspire and connect audiences across the world, and No Reservations Entertainment.  Filming is supported by the Estonian Film Institute through Film Estonia cash rebate program.

Director, Peeter Rebane said: “I feel that now is more important than ever to tell true stories like Firebird.  At a time when nationalism is on the rise around the world, I see Firebird as a bridge between life in the Soviet Union during the Cold War and today’s harsh reality for many families around the world.  I am sure that love will prevail, no matter what.”

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