Surreal & Dream-Like Films

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3). EYES WIDE SHUT (1999)

Erotic misadventures that lead to a suspicious conclusion

Stanley Kubrick’s last film before his untimely death is a puzzle to many. The plot follows a doctor from New York City (Tom Cruise) who goes on a night-long odyssey of erotic encounters when he finds out his wife (Nicole Kidman) planned to cheat on him. The paranoia and surrealism of the film have viewers wondering what really is going on behind closed doors.

4). BLADE RUNNER (1982)

Synthetic humans chased down in a dystopian future

The visual influence of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece has only grown over the last 35 years. Set in the dystopian future of Los Angeles, the film follows a burnt-out cop (Harrison Ford) who reluctantly takes the title of Blade Runner and must terminate a fugitive group of synthetic humans.

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