Surreal & Dream-Like Films

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The luxurious and surrealist film from director Alain Resnais LAST YEAR IN MARIENBAD (1961) follows an unnamed sophisticate (Giorgio Albertazzi) who attempts to persuade a married woman (Delphine Seyrig) that just last year they were romantically involved and planned to elope together. The woman has no recollection of said encounter and begins to question her memory and reality itself. Throughout her quest for the truth, time and space move fluidly, with no certainty over what she is remembering and what she is imagining.

To deliberate the complexity of LAST YEAR IN MARIENBAD, releasing on DVD, Blu-ray & digital download on 17th September, we’ve turned to all the surreal and dream-like films that make us question our own realities.

1). VANILLA SKY (2001)

Visions that lead a man to insanity while inside of a lucid dream

An egocentric publishing mogul (Tom Cruise) has his whole life derailed when he finds himself in a car accident with an ex-lover (Cameron Diaz).  The film strives off playing with your mind.  Its dream-like cinematography takes you on a confusing journey with the many clues and references left along the way as the character slowly loses his grasp on reality.

2). LOST HIGHWAY (1997)

Visions and headaches of a Mystery Man and eerie scenes

In David Lynch’s enthralling neo-noir film, jazz saxophonist Fred Madison (Bill Pullman) becomes paranoid after he and his wife (Patricia Arquette) begin receiving horrifying VHS tapes of them in their home. Fred is then framed for the murder of his wife and sent to prison, where he is plagued by bizarre headaches and visions, disappears and is replaced by a young mechanic, beginning a different life.

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