BRWC Exclusive Interview: Tilda Del Toro

Tilda Del Toro

In this exclusive interview, Tilda talks about her acting beginnings and training at The University of Chicago, Moscow Art Theatre Stanislavsky; about her best projects to date and her upcoming film projects for the near future, includes acting opposite Tom Hardy in an upcoming Al Capone biopic film, Fonzo. Away from her acting roles, Tilda has also done several fascinating fashion projects lately and has built an enviable reputation for her incredible and innovative fashion style, often seen in some of the stunning evening gowns she graciously wears at red carpet events.

Tilda, can you tell us about your acting beginnings?


Yes! I grew up in Chicago, a great city and home of The Goodman Theatre, Steppenwolf and Second City. When I started out I auditioned a lot and trained at The University of Chicago Moscow Art Theatre Stanislavsky Student Exchange Program, The Second City & Improv Olympic. I also studied dance, voice and took my first steps into fashion modeling, represented by the formidable team at Ford & Elite.

How did acting change your life?

Acting constantly changes my life. From the beginning, it has helped me experience things I would never experience anywhere else. I get to do things like speak languages I have not previously studied or take on completely new subjects that I could not have learned from anywhere else.

What are your best projects to date?

‘Fonzo’ & my feature titled ‘Julia’. ‘Fonzo’ is filled with amazing hard working people who care about what they are doing and Julia is my urban screenplay about a young woman in Chicago, balancing her dream, neighborhood and family.

Tilda Del Toro - Photo credit: Bjorn Kommerell

Tilda Del Toro – Photo credit: Bjorn Kommerell

Can you tell us a little bit about your fashion career as well? 

I’ve always loved fashion. It’s in my DNA. My mother always had Vogue in our house. Increasingly, having to be dressed so much as an actress, I found the fashion and styling element intensified more and more lately. Now, I love to involve myself in the different looks I wear when out in public. I would love to do more modeling than I do. Part of my interest in showing woman’s bodies is that I feel a great desire to reflect the needs of many women who are being unrepresented in fashion.

Do you have any interesting Film projects coming up? 

Yes.  A feature film Julia, with it’s own script which I am currently developing and an upcoming film Fonzo’, starring Tom Hardy. I am very excited about Julia since it shows a specific person to be different in ways that you would never have really expected. I guess you can say it breaks some stereotypical views on what people know from certain places. I don’t want to say too much about Fonzo. I really hope many people will see it as I know they will really enjoy all it has to offer.

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