#BRWC10: Top 10 Gruesome And Iconic Deaths In Film

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Reposted from the archives, to help celebrate #BRWC10.

We have scoured the murky world of cinematic deaths to bring you a top 10 list of the most memorable deaths in film; be they gruesome, iconic, or downright ridiculous…

10) Ashley and Ashlyn – Final Destination 3

We all know the risks of sun bedding; leathery skin and terminal illness, but when Death has a score to settle neither of these should be of great concern. In the wake of a catastrophic rollercoaster accident and lucky to be alive, Ashley and Ashlyn of Final Destination 3 take an ill-advised trip to the tanning salon. Inevitable incineration ensues; Death 1 – Tanorexics 0.

9) Wicked Witch of the West – Wizard of Oz

Begging the question “how far will a woman go to get her hands on a new pair of shoes?”, the Wicked Witch of the West defies all expectations in her quest for Dorothy’s rosy red duds. Thwarted at the last by a well-placed pale of water, the dying screams of “I’m melting!” are the roots of many a childhood nightmare.

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