She Does Filmz: 100% Female Helmed Film Platform

She Does Filmz

She Does Filmz, London, a pioneering female-director-only online film platform, celebrates Women’s Day by announcing its April 2018 launch in the UK and US.


  • First-ever platform dedicated to female-director content.
  • Inspired by “Me Too”, “Time’s Up” and other action-driven women movements.
  • Defies industry status quo in which female films are 63% less distributed.
  • Invites audiences and partners to join mission and “act on change they want to see”.

She Does Filmz, the first female-director only film platform, celebrates Women’s Day by announcing its April 2018 launch in the UK and US.  Founded by cinema-lovers wanting access to female cinema, She Does Filmz curates work by global women directors.   “Female talent is simply not getting the recognition it deserves,” says CEO Julie Rassat. “We want to see these films. Others do too but, like us, can’t access them. So we’re taking things into our own hands.”

In the era of “Me Too” and other women movements, increasing attention has been given to the film industry gender gap. A recent study reports 63% less distribution of female films (Slated, 2017).  Driving awareness of existing undistributed talent is core to She Does Filmz’ mission. Active on social media, it issues thought-provoking facts and graphics to increase visibility of female films.  “This idea that women are not making quality films is ludicrous. 119 films directed by women showed at the Berlinale this year. That’s only 21% of the full film selection, but even so, how many will most people have a chance to see?”, says Rassat.

She Does Filmz launches in April 2018 and invites audiences to join its mission via social media (@shedoesfilmz), Facebook and on its pre-launch site.

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