Alpha1Media Launches A1Film Top 10 List For 2017


The A1Film Top 10 List for 2017 surveys and highlights films from Hollywood, Bollywood, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Far East, which are reflective of the best of global popular cinema in 2016, Alpha1Media said.

‘The A1Film 2017 continues to be a unique list because it focuses on global popular cinema, featuring films with commercial and or critical acclaim,’ said Ms. Felce, Alpha1Media’s official spokesperson.

The A1Film Top 10 List in order:
1. ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’
‎ 2. ‘Dunkirk
‎ 3. ‘Dangal’
‎ 4. ‘Wonder Woman’
‎ 5. ‘Blade Runner 2049’
‎ 6. ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ IMDB: 7.5
‎ 7. ‘Get Out’
‎ 8. ‘Justice League’
‎ 9. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’
‎ 10. ‘Logan’ IMDB: 8.1

“‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ leads our list for five reasons – it marks, thanks to Kevin Feige, the return of Spider-man to his home at Marvel through a collaboration with Sony, Spider-man’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe especially alongside Tony Stark / Iron Man, the third reboot of the character but which finally puts it on track, the nod to cinematic history with casting Michael Keaton, the original Batman, as the villain, The Vulture, and the multi-ethnic globalized worldview is presents and which global popular cinema now needs.’

Seven of the top 10 films selected by Alpha1Media have been recognised in the ‘Quintessential’ category section of the official A1Film Preview List of 2017, namely ‘Spider-man Homecoming’, ‘Justice League’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Dunkirk’, ‘Logan’, ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and ‘Thor: Ragnorak’.

Alpha1Media will release the A1Film Awards 2017, celebrating the achievements of global popular cinema in 2018, and the A1Film Preview for 2018. Alpha1Media is a global diversified media firm.  Alpha1Media™ produces and advises on media creation using 10×10 types of media including phone, print, TV, radio, billboard, computer, cinema and futuristic media based on scale, motion and holograms.

In the film sector, Alpha1Media focuses on film development, production, financing and cultural advisory services. It currently has four film projects in development with production value estimated at over USD $350 million from 2017-2025. The script for its first film project, ‘NANO’, has been recognised as one of the best film scripts for 2017/2018 by Shore Scripts, where judges include 40 Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA and Emmy winner such as Oscar-winning actor, Jeremy Irons.

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