Review: The Driving Seat

The Driving Seat

It’s a typical Saturday morning in suburbia…except that one set of home owners have decided to bring their spark back by having sex in their driveway. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite go the way they’d hoped.

The Driving Seat is a beautiful and realistic portrayal of love. As our two lovers try to re-ignite the more risqué elements of their relationship we see it go wrong both physically and mentally. The everyday arguments of married people, the risk of being seen, and the uncomfortable space in which they’ve chosen to act all play a part as an exciting situation becomes uncomfortable, plagued by everyday jealousies and talk of past lovers.

Nothing hugely ‘exciting’ by Hollywood standards happens, and there’s no major scandals revealed. These are just everyday issues, lovingly portrayed in a beautiful and bright film. If you don’t see aspects of your own relationship, or that of your parents, then well…you’ve had a perfect life. Relatable, funny heart warming, I loved this short film.

Jainee Dee and James Lailey both give utterly fantastic performances. Dee portrays trying to hard and middle class fears without verve and Lailey gives 100% the best performance of everyday male jealousies I’ve seen in a low budget film. Phil Lowe has done an excellent job directing, and I’ll be excited to see their next work.

At only 9 minutes long it’s well worth a quick watch for any one as it’s fun, funny and shows older British couples at their finest.

Phil Lowe – ‘I like to use comedy as a vehicle to get audiences to engage with themes that are more substantial than they might have expected; they think they’re watching a comedy, then on their way home find themselves having a serious discussion about what they’ve seen. This film started as a fairly light comic premise – a middle aged couple deciding to have sex in their car – but as I worked on the script, and then rehearsed with the actors, we found that we were exploring something quite fundamental about long term relationships. I hope that audiences will also find it equally funny and thought provoking.’

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