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Kevin Hart is taking the comedy world by storm. With the biggest comedy tour of the year and a slew of well received feature films, Hart’s come a long way since his gig at comedy club The Laff House in Philadelphia. According to Forbes Hart has dethroned Comedy King Jerry Seinfeld as the highest paid comedian of 2016.  With his most recent film Central Intelligence, available on Digital Download October 17th, and the Blu-Ray and DVD on October 31st, we take a look back at some of his best cinematic moments.

Central Intelligence (2016)

Easily one of the most entertaining buddy-comedies of 2016, Central Intelligence follows the gag-worthy antics of Hart’s peaked-in-high-school accountant Calvin Joyner as he is reunited with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s former high school victim turned CIA assassin, Bob Stone. The film takes a light-hearted look at the contrast between high school success and life after graduation. When Bob unexpectedly reappears in  Calvin’s life shortly preceding an upcoming High School reunion, Calvin finds himself dragged into the middle of an international incident, recruited by his high school friend because of his accounting skills. Hart brings his comedic talents to the film, and alongside Johnson’s imposing stature, delivers a fun and entertaining performance that results in a barrel of laughs.

The Wedding Ringer (2015)

The Wedding Ringer sees Hart bring to life a best-man-for-hire with his signature raunchy style. Doug Harris (Josh Gad), a tax attorney about to marry a woman he considers out of his league, turns to Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), who runs The Best Man Inc. Doug has managed to hide from his fiancée and charismatic wedding planner that he does not have a best man or seven groomsmen to complement his fiancée’s seven bridesmaids. Hart’s character takes on the role of a militant priest from El Salvador and a series of unexpected, but hilarious consequences ensue. The film did remarkably well at the box office, grossing over $79 million.

Get Hard (2015)

Starring alongside Will Ferrell and by now an established comedian himself, Hart plays a car wash attendant, Darnell Lewis, who is approached by James King (Ferrell), a rich hedge fund manager who has been sentenced to ten years in prison for insider trading. Upon receiving his sentence James is given 30 days to set his affairs in order before being incarcerated. James’ flawed and elitist preconception that any black man working in a low-paid labour job has been to prison leads him to ask Darnell to help him toughen up for prison-life. In reality, Darnell is a perfectly law abiding citizen and has never been to prison but agrees to help for the money James offers.

Ride Along (2014)

Arguably the film that propelled Kevin Hart to fame, Ride Along sees Hart playing security guard Ben Barber as he tries to prove to his girlfriend’s cop brother that he’s good enough for her. Hart’s quick-witted comedy received impressive reviews from critics who appreciated his self-deprecating style and rapid-fire delivery. Paired with Ice Cube’s more restrained take on comedy, Hart’s comedic style is a nice juxtaposition that allowed him to prove his ability to carry a film on his own comedic merits.

Think Like A Man (2012)

Based on Steve Harvey’s book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, Kevin Hart plays a ‘Happily Divorced Man’ named Cedric, who in reality feels quite lonely. The film takes Harvey’s relationship rules and caricatures and turns them into real people whose lives audiences can easily be related to. The light-hearted take on modern relationships was received with positive reviews from critics and is one of Hart’s most well-reviewed films.

Central Intelligence is available on Digital Download on October 17th and on Blu-ray and DVD on October 31st. You can pre-order from the following link:

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