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National Lampoon

One of the best things about cinematography is that there are so many movies available that having a movie marathon becomes a great idea no matter what kind of person you are. There are tons of movies out there for every taste, although some productions heavily overlap in terms of target audiences. This is also the case with the National Lampoon movies which have often captivated many people from varied generations. If a National Lampoon marathon sounds like a good time to spend your next weekend to you, make sure to check these ones out first. Tastes differ, but these have been ranked as been some of the best productions from National Lampoon.

Vegas Vacation

When this one was released, it didn’t drop anyone’s jaw, and many would jump to say that it hasn’t aged well either. With that in mind however, there are also enough people willing to vouch for this movie, as it does its job pretty well: It’s a decent movie that will give you something entertaining to watch, especially if you’re nibbling on a snack. It’s the exact kind of lazy Sunday flick you need that will keep you entertained without making you think too much in the process. For Chevy Chase’s sake, it’s definitely worth a watch. From today’s perspective, it’s pretty intriguing to see how the lack of a proper betting website drove the Griswold family head all the way to Las Vegas.

Van Wilder

What might be one of Ryan Reynolds’ earlier roles which have put him on a large scale acting map, Van Wilder is considered by many one of the best American Pie movies that isn’t actually an American Pie movie. So if that kind of genre is what gets you going, this one can be summed up perfectly by those standards. It’s definitely a movie you should check out if you’re planning on sparing a couple of giggles, and especially if you want to get a bit melancholic with the early 2000’s style teen movies.

European Vacation

With European Vacation, the Griswolds are back in action. This time around, the gang is traveling to Europe for a sweet family vacation but as you can imagine, things don’t go so well in their favor. The movie is loaded with American stereotypes and sprinkled with little giggle-worth moments here and there. Critics are far from calling it the best National Lampoon movie out there, or even the best Vacation movie, but it’s not the worst either. It definitely changes the scenery with constant moving throughout European locations.

National Lampoon’s Vacation

Diving deep into this series of movies without capitulating with the ultimate classic, National Lampoon’s Vacation, is a serious offense. No matter how you feel about the National Lampoon movies in general, one thing’s for sure: Whatever you find to your liking in any of the other movies you are sure to find in double the quantity in this particular iteration.

This is the birthplace of the Griswold family, with Chevy Chase forever embedding his character Clark Griswold into cinematic history. While you might be tempted to start with this one, it can also be rewarding to finish off your marathon with it, as high impact send-off.

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