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Probably all of the students would agree on one thing – studies can often be a great source of stress. Most of them would describe their college period as a constant race against time; this is because students usually don’t have enough time to fulfill all of their academic obligations. It is easy to imagine this – tons of tasks, essay writing, lessons, exams, tests, extracurricular obligations, and just 24 hours in one day. The additional problem is that in these circumstances students basically don’t have free time for recreation and relaxation, and it is well known that it is impossible to be efficient without regular periods of rest.

One of the most common and at the same time the most complicated obligation is writing custom essays. These assignments can cause a lot of troubles to students because they need to invest a lot of time in these tasks. However, they should be aware that there are many online tools that they can use in order to facilitate the whole process of writing.

Some of them will be mentioned in the text below.


This is a great solution for all of those students that often make grammar and spelling mistakes. However, to be honest, everyone makes these mistakes; the trick is to notice them. It is easy to spot a spelling error in a text of 200 words, but if there are 2000 words, things are a little different. Fortunately, Grammarly can do this in a few seconds. One just has to attach his paper to this tool and it will show him where he has made grammatical and spelling errors. The technical aspect of the paper is very important; some of the best essays can receive a low grade just because of these mistakes.

Hemingway App

Besides grammar and spelling checking, there are also tools that can help students to make sure that their sentences are syntactically correct and easy to read (i.e. that they have structured the sentence in a proper way). By using Hemingway application, students will detect all of their problematic sentences, and thus will provide an error-free paper.

Dragon Dictionary

This is a great option when there is very little time available and when a student has the most of his paper already organised. By using this application, one can write his paper not by typing but by speaking. Dragon dictionary allows students to finish their paper without using hands. This is also a great solution for those students who are not very skilled at typing.

Online writing assistance

Despite their hard work, effort, and commitment, students sometimes just don’t have enough time to finish their writing assignments, so they have to look for assistance. Fortunately, some of the best essay help can be easily found online. For example, on this website, students can find excellent essay writing service How exactly these websites work, what is the procedure? It is very simple. A student just has to make a specific order (i.e. essay) on any topic imaginable, and that is pretty much it. After that, experienced professionals will write high-quality content and it will be provided in almost no time.

So, this is highly efficient and easily available solution that students can consider as an ace up their sleeve.



This is a place where students can find synonyms for almost every term that they can think of. Anyone who has written an essay knows how irritatingly it can be when a suitable word can’t be found. Even if one finds a proper word, often it doesn’t fit the context. This is why is a great tool, as it can provide the whole list of synonyms in a blink of an eye, so student just has to look it up and find the word that he was looking for.


A lot of students have experienced a situation in which they receive a lower grade that they have expected. This is because they often have different, more subjective perspective of their own work, and it is easy to understand why – when they invest a lot of time and effort, students consider their paper as a high-quality one. Besides mentioned, this can also happen when a student is tired and can’t evaluate his paper in an objective way. Fortunately, PaperRater can evaluate his work by comparing its quality with thousands of similar papers. This way, a student will receive an objective estimation of his work and will have a chance to modify his paper if needed.


When it comes to writing assignments, many students say:”I just can’t do this, I can’t write my paper”. However, they should remember one thing – everything can be accomplished with dedication and adequate time management.

With this kind of attitude and with the help of mentioned websites, every student can provide a high-quality essay.

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