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Elle MacPherson, Cindy Crawford, Ian Somerhalder, Charlize Theron, Tanit Phoenix.. just a few models that have successfully made the transition into acting. We speak to another – Rachel Faulkner, star of Hillbilly Horror Show, and the forthcoming Ride Along 2.

We’ve seen many models cross over into acting – but is it a hard transition? Is it hard to get casting agents to take models seriously as actors.. or have times changed a lot?

I would say it’s a nice challenge. However, modeling did help prepare me for the transition into acting because I am able to control my emotions in my own form of “silent acting.” With that being said, there is still a lot of practice and training that has to revolve around that transition. Casting directors take former/current models just as serious as often as they look the other way. A resume and an audition can speak for itself, so it’s important to perform to the best of your ability, regardless of the director’s opinion.

Do you recall your first acting gig? Was it rather different from modelling?

Yes I do! I was an extra for the television show, Wicked Attraction. I knew nothing going into the job other than what wardrobe to bring and what time to arrive. After a few acting gigs, I slowly realized that an acting set is quite similar to a modeling set, but they are fairly more organized. There are just as many aspects involved in reaching the final product that the client is aiming for. However, acting usually involves a different level and type of preparation.


You had a small role in Chef, with Jon Favreau, didn’t you?

Yes I did! I played Sofia Vergara’s photo double as well as a food truck patron in the Miami scenes.

How did you get involved in Hillbilly Horror Show?

Sheri Bias at Liquid Talent reached out and presented me with a role that she saw best fit. It was a leap for me since it was my first “Southern” character, but as a Georgia native, the character wasn’t too far from home. I submitted a self-tape audition and Bo contacted Sheri the same day stating that they found their “Lulu”!

Do you and your co-hosts select the horror shorts that appear on the show, or is that out of your hands?

We all contribute to the finding of the horror shorts as well as our writer Blu. Bo, Blu and Scott have a larger networking reach in the horror industry, so they often end up selecting and/or finding the shorts themselves. I personally have reached out to a few directors that I’ve worked with for them to submit as well.


What was the original hope for the show – web only? You must be stoked that it’s getting a DVD release!

We planned on shooting for the stars from the very beginning. Our web release worked out to our advantage in the beginning though, because it allowed us to reach a large number of horror fans and also to release new volumes in a quick fashion. I am super excited that we have a DVD release coming out! I never would have imagined I would find myself on the shelves of such stores as Best Buy, Sears, Kmart, Amazon and more.

Have you had any fan mail.. or creepy Facebook messages from watchers of the show?

Haha! Yes, I’ve received a few emails and Facebook messages. I try to respond to as many people as I can, but there are also some messages that are better left unanswered.


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