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Finding Nemo will be swimming into living rooms for the first time ever in stunning high definition Blu-ray™ and 3D Blu-ray™ on 27 May 2013.

Collectors will finally be able to complete their high definition Disney•PIXAR collection as the much loved stunning animation makes a splash onto Blu-ray. Spectacular picture and enhanced sound plus a host of spectacular bonus content take viewers deeper into the underwater adventure and includes: the 1989 theatrical short – Knick Knack which was created by PIXAR six years before Toy Story, an ‘Alternate Opening’ deleted scene, ‘Virtual Aquariums’, a ‘Filmmaker Roundtable’, ‘A Lesson in Flashbacks’ and much more for the ultimate in-home family experience.

So “grab shell dude” and “just keep swimming” in the search for P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way as the remarkable journey dives onto Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray, and remember “fish are friends, not food!”



Disc 1:
· Knick Knack – Short
· Finding Nemo- A Filmmakers’ Roundtable
· Reinventing The Submarine Voyage
· Deleted Scene: “Alternate Opening
· A Lesson In Flashbacks
· Aquarium (x1) (DVD) and (BD Disc 1 in HD

Disc 2 (Supplemental bonus disc)
· Disc 2 Aquariums (x6)
· Disc 2 Art Review
· Disc 2 (Classic) – Making Nemo
· Disc 2 (Classic) – Exploring The Reef
· Disc 2 (Classic) – Studio Tour
· Disc 2 (Classic) – Old School
· Disc 2 (Classic) – Outtakes
· Disc 2 (Classic) – Deleted Scenes
· Disc 2 (Classic) – Publicity Pieces
· Disc 2 (Classic) – Mr. Ray’s Encyclopedia

· Aquariums (x7) (3D)


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