Miss Hannah Minx In The Devil’s Carnival CLIPS / NEWS

Unsure what to say about the following clips…

Miss Hanna Minx is a massive viral video blogger on YouTube. As one of the newest viral personalities, she has gained over 245,000 subscribers on and over 12 million total video views. She teaches you new Japanese words one video at a time.  Her latest upload shows here on the set of The Devil’s Carnival.

The director behind the cult hit Repo: The Genetic Opera has been working on a thematic follow-up, and here it is, a musical set in Hell.  Enjoy the teaser trailer below.

  • Kyle Everett Sember

    I am a blogger myself and nearly played the role of Egghead in The Dark Knight Rises before they decided to go with Bane.

  • Duxh

    Blogging gets you in movies? No, having huge boobs gets you in movies.

  • Shani

    Um, Hannah Minx doesn’t play Wick… Alexa Vega does. Wick is the leader of the woe-maidens, and Hannah’s character is just a woe-maiden under Wick’s leadership

  • Sledge

    Hey Shani!

    Post has was corrected…