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Lauren Turner is an Australian media specialist and keen cinephile. She loves Robert Eggers and can be found at her local offbeat cinema in Melbourne.

the front runner

I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of The Front Runner at the London Film Festival. This political drama, steady burn, is about


Never Here is a twisted tale, with confusion at its heart. The story follows an artist, Miranda Fall (Merielle Enos), who becomes embroiled in

The Last Movie Star

Burt Reynolds stars in this reflective, self-referential movie about coming to terms with your lot in life, and accepting your past mistakes. The premise

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Wes Anderson helms this one, with his extraordinary ability to indulge in both disarming emotional drama and extreme cuteness. He is surrounded by his

#BRWC10: Review - 10 Items Or Less

With the tone and timbre of an independent movie, and two actors with great charisma, something good normally always comes out of the oven.