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Lauren Turner is an Australian media specialist and keen cinephile. She loves Robert Eggers and can be found at her local offbeat cinema in Melbourne.

Game Girls

GAME GIRLS (Alina Skrzeszewska) follows Teri Rogers, a woman on a mission for a better life. With a non-judgmental camera lens and a frank


Murder Suicide: An upbeat buddy comedy  Murder Suicide The beats are odd, the characters a little flat, but the quirky silliness of this film makes you

Review: Transmission

In the midnight hour of British politics, with the current quagmire of Brexit, corruption of power and awful uncertainty, one man’s prison sentence feels


I was fortunate enough to see Suspiria at the LFF on a cloudy Wednesday. Yes, I had taken the day off work and yes,

The BRWC Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

A biopic that is 10 years in the making, Bohemian Rhapsody is absolutely buzzing with excitement and oozing chemistry. This biopic of Queen, the