Lauren Turner
Lauren Turner 29POSTS

Lauren is an Australian who recently made the move to London, and she's interested in absolutely everything! She has a Business (Marketing)/Arts (Film & TV, Drama) degree, Lauren likes reading, writing and learning more about this great wild world.

Revival: A modern day retelling of Christ’s revival

Revival: A modern day retelling of Christ’s revival A predominantly black cast with a musical offers a fresh take on the temptations on triumphs of

Treacle: Review

TREACLE: A short, sharp film with some sickly sweetness as the title suggests. Treacle (dir. Rosie Westhoff) shows us the meaning of too much

Game Girls

GAME GIRLS (Alina Skrzeszewska) follows Teri Rogers, a woman on a mission for a better life. With a non-judgmental camera lens and a frank


Murder Suicide: An upbeat buddy comedy  Murder Suicide The beats are odd, the characters a little flat, but the quirky silliness of this film makes you

Review: Transmission

In the midnight hour of British politics, with the current quagmire of Brexit, corruption of power and awful uncertainty, one man’s prison sentence feels