Lauren Turner
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Lauren Turner is an Australian media specialist and keen cinephile. She loves Robert Eggers and can be found at her local offbeat cinema in Melbourne.

Love Sarah: The BRWC Review

Love Sarah: The BRWC Review. For a movie that is measured in pace, it’s a surprisingly enchanting journey, like a slow float downstream. Love, Sarah

African Apocalypse

African Apocalypse (dir. Rob Lemkin) is a startling film – both in the sense of the recorded accounts of atrocities that occurred within the

Wives Of The Skies

WIVES OF THE SKIES - Dir. Honey Lauren A journalist gets in over his head when he interviews two air stewardesses.This raunchy tale involves two

Revival: A modern day retelling of Christ’s revival

Revival: A modern day retelling of Christ’s revival A predominantly black cast with a musical offers a fresh take on the temptations on triumphs of

Treacle: Review

TREACLE: A short, sharp film with some sickly sweetness as the title suggests. Treacle (dir. Rosie Westhoff) shows us the meaning of too much