The Superdeep: Review

The Superdeep

Anya (Milena Radulovic) is part of a team sent down into the world’s deepest borehole known as the Superdeep after some unusual behaviour has been reported. There, Anya and her team find people that have strange growths coming out of their bodies. Soon Anya finds that the infection is getting out of control and there’s a race against time to either find a cure or a way out.

The Superdeep is a Russian science fiction movie exclusive to Shudder which takes a lot of inspiration from such classic sci-fi such as Alien and The Thing. Set deep in the Earth, The Superdeep has a familiar and yet original setting and perhaps has the kind of pacing which is most common in Russian cinema.

Whereas a lot of these kinds of movies would immediately set up the story and the action would begin, The Superdeep takes its time to establish its setting and the characters. This is something which some may enjoy as it builds the world, but it may deter others.

In fact, the action doesn’t really start until about half way through the movie, so those less impressed by the immersion that the filmmakers give their audience may be put off. However, even those who are interested in how the movie presents itself may find their patience being tested due to the decision to have an English dub on the film as opposed to subtitles.

Unfortunately, this takes away any emotion from the performances as the dubbing is filled with disinterested, bored actors who have clearly not been given the right direction.

However, this does give the movie a certain 50’s B-movie quality so there might just be something to enjoy from the dialogue even if it’s unintentionally funny.

Although, taking away the characters, the dialogue, the pacing and the quality production value, there is still the matter of the plot. With all its nods to other movies in its genre which litter the plot, there is also something rather predictable that has a particular video game quality which makes the movie feel flat. By the end, despite how good it looks, audiences may have seen it all before.

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