Moon Knight, She Hulk, Ms Marvel (Disney+ Day): Trailer Talk

Moon Knight, She Hulk, Ms Marvel (Disney+ Day): Trailer Talk

Moon Knight, She Hulk, Ms Marvel (Disney+ Day): Trailer Talk

The 12th of November saw Disney’s second annual Disney+ Day: a whole day of announcements and trailer reveals of shows and films that will be coming to the streaming service over the next twelve months. And, while most of the announcements were title cards, Disney did release short teasers to three future Marvel shows.

The first was ‘Moon Knight’. This is a property that is unfamiliar to me, but it nonetheless looks interesting. This show stars Oscar Isaac (Star Wars) as the titular character, who appears to be a Batman-style superhero. The exception is that he exists in two different realities: the real world and the dream world. As a fan of any media that focuses on nightmares and lucid dreams, this looks fantastic but also very different from what Marvel have done before. Plus, Oscar Isaac is a fantastic actor, so it’s great to see him involved with another big property after ‘Star Wars’.

The second teaser was an 18 second clip for ‘She-Hulk’. While this only shows Bruce Banner, once again played by Mark Ruffalo, and the titular character Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany – Orphan Black) in a comic accurate costume, what is shown looks great. This is another character that I am a little unfamiliar with, but this definitely has my intrigue. However, not as much as ‘Moon Knight’ purely due to the short length of this teaser.

The last teaser that was shown was for ‘Ms Marvel’. Once again, this is another property that I know nothing about, however this one has my interest purely for representation reasons. This will mark the first Muslim/Pakinstani-American superhero to appear in the MCU. Newcomer Iman Vellani will star as Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel and, from the short teaser that was released, it looks as if she’ll be great. The show seems to take on a light-hearted tone, in a similar vein to DC’s 2019 film ‘Shazam’. This looks like a fun show and will hopefully be a welcome approach from the more mature story arcs that the MCU has been telling recently. ‘Ms Marvel’ is also important in terms of representation in the superhero genre; this aspect has definitely piqued my interest.

While Disney+ only released a few short teasers for Marvel’s upcoming projects, it’s fair to say that the coming year will be an exciting one for the next phase in the MCU. And my lack of knowledge with the new properties only makes them more intriguing. I’m sure full-length trailers for these properties will be released soon.

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