James Bond After Daniel Craig?

James Bond Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko in Quantum of Solace.

James Bond. Who Can Step Up To The Mantle Of James Bond After Daniel Craig?

If there’s one thing that James Bond beats like he beats his enemies, it’s age. His liver doesn’t seem to resent all the martinis and whiskies; his lungs don’t bother about the endless cigars. He still has money for high stakes on blackjack and roulette at the world’s most lavish and exotic casinos. 

Born from the imagination of the former intelligence officer Ian Fleming, Bond keeps getting new faces. Indeed, he didn’t retire after his creator’s passing. Agent 007 premiered on the big screen with his sixth novel, Dr No, in 1963. The first book, Casino Royale (1952), only became a movie in 2006, with Daniel Craig, who’s been playing Mr Bond ever since. However, the times are coming for a new face in MI6. Who’d that be?

Fleming’s Legacy

Ian Fleming (1908 – 1964) wrote two compilations of short stories, plus twelve James Bond novels. He worked in the Naval Intelligence Division during World War II. A journalist by profession, Mr Fleming’s writings were greatly influenced by this period. He wrote all the books between 1952 and 1964 when he died. Two other posthumous works were published in 1964. 

Other writers picked up the agent from where Fleming had left him and carried on. Ten authors have contributed to Mr Bond’s adventures ever since. John Gardner was the most prolific, with 14 novels and two novelizations. It means that Agent 007 will never run out of stories on the big screen. 

Times of Change

Daniel Craig is playing the secret agent for the last time in No Time to Die, coming out next October. While there’s no official information regarding Craig’s replacement, it’s all open for speculation. Some bookies have even opened the subject for bets. Since Barbara Broccoli stated that the next 007 wouldn’t be female, here are a few possible names for the job. 

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is one of the greatest talents of his generation. Moreover, he would suit quite well the cold attitude of Agent 007. In 2020, a blog “announced” that Tom Hardy was “officially” the new James Bond. In the end, it was all a hoax, but the actor did little to dispel the rumours. He said he wouldn’t comment about it because of an “old superstition” among actors, which tells the one who comments on Bond rumours are out of the game. 

Idris Elba

Idris Elba made fame and fans by starring in the BBC series Luther. His name keeps coming up in front-runner lists for the role. Barbara Broccoli once said that it was time for a “non-white” actor to play the part. Like the fictional character, he’s tall, athletic, and charming. Elba has proven his talent many times over and is the favourite choice for many critics and fans.

Michael Fassbender

The actor stays in the bookies, even after insisting he would never play James Bond. Daniel Craig said the same thing, and here we are. He’s also a great actor, with experience in action movies, and it’s still in the game, it seems.


Honestly, we couldn’t possibly mention all the suitable candidates for the gig. Yet, we can expect to be surprised. After all these years, James Bond never lost.

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