Feeling Through: Review

Feeling Through: Review

“Feeling Through” is the story of the meeting between Tereek (played by Steven Prescod), a young man with nowhere to sleep and Artie (played by Robert Tarango) a deaf-blind man who wants to go home. This encounter will change their lives forever.

“Feeling Through” is a short film directed and written by Doug Roland, known for “Life Hack” (2017). The film has already won more than 14 awards in various festivals around the world and is nominated in the category “Live Action Short Film” of the 93rd edition of the Oscars alongside “Da Yie” or “The Present”.

We witness a surprising and touching encounter between Tereek, a young man who is afraid to sleep outside in solitude and darkness, and Artie, a deaf-blind man who spends his whole life in the dark, who seems fearless.

It’s late, Artie just wants to go home, and for that, he has to put his full trust in others, he depends entirely on the goodwill of the people to find the bus stop that will take him home.

Tereek will first face a communication problem, but he will quickly understand how to communicate with Artie. The two men gradually get to know each other.

Tereek faces Artie, a man who despite his disability seems happy, confident and peaceful. A guy who is just coming off a date, who lives his life like any other man.

At first, Tereek seems very troubled by Artie’s serenity and normality. He will understand that a handicap does not prevent a man from living his life as normally as possible. This encounter, which lasts only a few hours, will profoundly change his way of thinking and acting. 

The duo of actors is impressive. Robert Tarango, the first deaf-blind actor in the history of cinema, delivers a remarkable performance, which allows the film to take all its meaning. Indeed, we can’t imagine a film like this one without an actor affected by these handicaps. Something that we unfortunately find in many films, and which fortunately is gradually evolving in a good way. It’s essential to make a place for actors with disabilities, especially when the disability is the main subject of the film.

Steven Prescod, on the other hand, is also remarkable, the collaboration between the two actors works perfectly well.

“Feeling Through” is only 18 minutes long but it is as powerful as a three-hour feature film. Doug Roland offers us a well-paced and superbly directed film that works perfectly. The film deals with the theme of disability in a very accurate way, without falling into any form of miserabilism.

I really hope it wins the Oscar for “Live Action Short Film, which might encourage directors to work with actors with disabilities in the future. Cinema is universal.

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