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Fan of horror. Top 5 directors; Lars von Trier, John Carpenter, Martin Scorsese, the Safdie Brothers and Robert Eggers!

Fever Dream: Review

"Fever Dream" or "Distancia de Rescate" is a film by the Peruvian director Claudia Llosa, mainly known for having won the “Golden bear” at

The Invisible Life Of Euridice Gusmao: Review

Winner of the “Un Certain Regard Award” at Cannes 2019, "The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao" is a film by Brazilian director Karim Aïnouz,

Friend Of The World: Review

"Friend of the world" is a scifi horror comedy film written and directed by Brian Patrick Butler. After his first two short films "The

The Fever: Review

"The Fever", directed by Maya Da-Rin, is a Brazilian film which has received more than 24 awards and 7 nominations in different festivals around

The Story Of Film: An Odyssey - The BRWC Review

"The Story of Film: An Odyssey" is a documentary series by Mark Cousins, an Irish film critic and historian. Released in 2011 and adapted from