Hugues Porquier 40POSTS

Fan of horror. Top 5 directors; Lars von Trier, Jean-Luc Godard, Jerzy Skolimowski, Mikhail Kalatozov and Yasujiro Ozu.

Drunk Bus

“Drunk Bus” is a comedy-drama, the first film of John Carlucci and Brandon LaGanke. After the cancellation of the SXSW Festival last March where

Slalom: Review

"Slalom" (2020) is Charlène Favier's first film, nominated 8 times in various festivals, it won the Ornano-Valenti prize at the Deauville Film Festival, which


Written and directed by Savvas Christou, "Captive" or "Katherine's Lullaby" is the first feature film of the young Cypriot director, who is a regular

Adieu les Cons

Released for the first time in 2020 before the closure of theaters in France, "Adieu les cons" (Bye Bye Morons in English), directed by

Danny. Legend. God

"Danny. Legend. God" is a UK-Bulgarian production and the first film of Yavor Petkov, available on May 3 on platforms including Amazon Prime. The