White Lie: Review

White Lie

Katie Arneson (Kacey Rohl) is a dancer. She’s in a loving relationship with her girlfriend, Jennifer (Amber Anderson) and she uses social media regularly to raise money for cancer charities. Katie is also faking her cancer diagnosis and raising the money for herself, although in her mind she’s not doing anything wrong.

Then one day a discrepancy comes up in her medical records, so Katie sees no other option than to find somebody who can forge the correct documentation so that she can keep her life together.

However, things start to unravel for Katie when she goes to see her father, Doug (Martin Donavon) to get some money from him and he sees right through her façade. From that moment on, things go from bad to worse as Katie struggles to maintain her lie and ensure that she is still loved.

White Lie is a dramatic character study of a woman faking cancer written and directed by Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas. After researching many other cases where people have done he same thing, White Lie never aims to judge Katie for her actions, but merely presents her life and her lies leaving it up to the audience to decide what motivates her.

Rohl gives a great performance as a woman who clearly is in over her head and at times her determination to keep doing what she’s doing verges on sociopathy. However, Rohl manages to make Katie into a real person who at times even brings out sympathy in the audience, even when they know what she’s doing is wrong.

White Lie is bound to divide the audience when they view the film as without any clear motivation, the audience is allowed to imprint anything they like onto Katie.

Some may find her to be a ruthless opportunist driven by the attention she gets from social media, while others may see her actions as a cry for help. Either way, the movie is all the better for showing Katie’s life and not making her out to be a victim of her own mindset or a soulless money-hungry internet influencer.

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