The Pale Door: Review

Jake (Devin Druid) has had a hard life, as most would have had growing up in the old west. When he was young, his parents were killed when their family home was raided by bandits, leaving Jake alone with his brother, Duncan (Zachary Knighton).

Years later, Jake meets the Dalton gang and seeing as they’re a man short after a gunfight, they coerce Jake into helping them rob a train, despite Duncan’s objections. Seeing no other choice, Duncan joins them, but after the robbery goes wrong, Duncan is wounded.

To top it all off they also find a woman named Pearl (Natasha Bassett) inside a chest that they steal and she tells them that if they take her home then they will be greatly rewarded.

When they get there, they are greeted warmly by a group of women who seem to be the only residents in town. Nonetheless, the gang soon settle down and indulge themselves in what the town has to offer, including the women. However, when the women find out that Jake has never taken a life and is a virgin, they reveal their true forms to horrifying effect.

The Pale Door is a Western horror story coming exclusively to Shudder which may be a little difficult to talk about considering its twist. Starting out as a typical western, the world built is something that fully tells its audience that this is the Old West. However, The Pale Door is on Shudder, so despite initial impressions, you may know that something supernatural is about to happen.

The plot could be likened in structure to another bandit themed movie with a horror twist from the Nineties, but again that would also give away too much of the twist. Let’s just say that those who wish to watch The Pale Door may enjoy it best by knowing very little about it.

Unfortunately, this may put some people off though as there is a long wait until the action starts and when it does it may leave some people disappointed. There are some good effects and fans of body horror may be pleased by the inventive deaths, but in the end The Pale Door feels like a great premise wasted on something that takes too long to get going.

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