Blind: Review


Faye (Sarah French) used to be a successful actress before she lost her sight. Now she spends her days going to support groups and trying to transition to a life with not being able to see. She’s made friends; Sophia (Caroline Williams) who has also lost her sight and Luke (Tyler Gallant), a mute personal trainer who has taken an interest in her.

However, Faye is too stuck in her own head to realise that losing her sight doesn’t mean that nobody will ever love her again. Unfortunately, there is someone who has noticed her and he’s willing to kill anyone in his path to get to her.

Blind is a generic and unimaginative horror movie which takes the tropes of a blind victim in a horror movie and does nothing new with it. Also, as understandable as it may be that somebody would spend time learning to cope with a new disability, Faye does spend the entire run of the movie feeling sorry for herself which makes her a difficult character to warm to, especially as the killer gets closer.

The deaths also come very sparingly in a movie which is already quite short. So, in between those times the camera likes to either linger on Faye as she mourns for her former life, or it moves to the serial killer whose expressionless Ken doll mask still has more emotion than the lead. Either way it takes away any suspense from Faye’s situation.

The film does try and add a sense of danger as it does keep the audience guessing as to the true identity of the killer. However, with that being the most interesting part of the film, there’s not a lot else here that hasn’t already been done a million times.

Moodily shot and with a focus that clearly likes to wander over French’s body, Blind is a movie as uninspired as its title as it plays with the cliches of horror films that have been around for years and yet doesn’t attempt to do anything different.

Also, the final reveal of the killer’s true identity comes off as unintentionally funny rather than scary.

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