Must-See Oscar 2020 Nominees

Must-see Oscar 2020 Nominees and Best Tips for Students on How to Find Time to Watch Them

Must-see Oscar 2020 Nominees and Best Tips for Students on How to Find Time to Watch Them

Well, every beginning of the year, the world gets to see the biggest movies and actors receive awards. However, some of these movies are not easy to access. And as a student, you may also not get enough time to watch any of them.

But, the latter part should not be a problem because experts from Essay Basics are ready to help you with your essays. So, reach out. Regarding the former part, here are examples of some movies, ways you can watch them, and how to find time for the same. 

Must-See Pictures

The must-see Oscar 2020 Nominees include:


The central figures in this film are two soldiers who are trying their best to deliver an important message. The expectation is that the message will save an entire battalion. The setting is the First World War. A great movie that you should see. 

Ford v Ferrari

This is an interesting movie for students because it offers details about the life of Henry Ford. In the film, Ford wants to beat Ferrari at Le Mans. So, he turns to Shelby and Miles who do a good job. The film is a nominee for best picture.

The Irishman

Being a Netflix original makes this movie accessible anytime you want. Led by acting legends like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, the movie has several nominations with the biggest being the best picture nominee. 


You can download the Joker from any online stores you know of because it is already available. However, one has to admit that this is 2019’s treasure. With 11 nominations, this movie is by far one of the best in history. There will be no surprises if it wins Oscar’s best picture. 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

This is an interesting movie about an aging television actor who tries his best to be successful in Hollywood. At the moment, this film is available, and you can buy or rent it. It is one of the biggest Oscar nominations in 2020. The expectation is that it will win several accolades come February 9th.  

Jojo Rabbit

As a young boy living in Hitler’s era, what would you do if you discover your mother is hiding a Jewish girl? Well, if you wish to know more, then find this movie and make time for it. If you have a lot of assignments or essays, you can always seek help from

Little Women

Well, this movie has all your favorite stars. So, there is no reason why you should not watch it. It is still in cinemas and one can also pre-order from Amazon.  

Marriage Story

This is a movie about a wife whose life is turning upside down because of her divorce. She goes through a lot, and for the rest, you will have to stream it on Netflix. Netflix is making life easy for those who want to watch great movies like this one.  


When a movie is a nominee for best picture, it means the director did something right. Despite being a Korean movie, Parasite has 6 nominations. The movie is about how greed, as well as inequality, are threatening the synergy between a wealthy family and a poor one. You can find it on Amazon, Apple, or Google Play. 

Tips to save time for watching all these gorgeous movies:

Organize yourself

If you are a fan of the Oscars, it will be impossible to watch the proceedings if you do not organize yourself. By organizing yourself, we mean that you need to plan your day. To watch the Oscars without having to worry about an assignment or an essay, you need to allocate time to every activity. Create a timetable and make sure you abide by it. Avoid distractions as well.  

Use help from writing services 

We understand that life in school can be difficult. We also understand that at times, you can have a lot of work and no time to relax. Well, when you choose to get a pre-written essay or buy a custom essay online, you can get enough time to relax. Help is all around you. So, be wise and ask for it. 

Spend your free time wisely

Students can get into the habit of wasting time while in school. The majority who waste time are those who never plan their days. They wake up without a plan and move around the school making decisions as they go. Well, if you want to know how to save time in college, you need to start spending your time well. Develop a discipline of always being conscious of time. Know that every minute counts, and this way, you will be able to watch some movies even with a busy schedule. 

In conclusion, you cannot allow these masterpieces to pass you by without jumping on the bandwagon. Get to know why these movies are causing a lot of commotion in the industry. Do not wait for the Oscar 2020 for you to watch these movies. 

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