Chris Bremner, Mandalorian, Morbius: Weekly Round Up

Chris Bremner

Chris Bremner seems to have done a good job with Bad Boys 3, currently in cinemas. I’ve yet to see it, but the film is getting a pretty decent response of critics and audiences alike and considering this franchises history that’s something worth noting.

It’s not a surprise then, given the third movies success, that Sony are eager to move forward with a Bad Boys 4, with Chris Bremner returning to pen it. This is good news for Bad Boys fans, and hopefully the studio will once again move on this without Michael Bay’s involvement, as the franchise clearly seems to be better off without him… much like Transformers, come to think of it. Maybe there’s a trend here?

Anyway, during the announcement of Bad Boys 4, we got something else a little unexpected, but equally as exciting, dropped in.

Full disclosure, I actually really enjoy the National Treasure films. I mean, I know they’re dumb and incredible derivative, but there’s something easy going and fun about watching Nicholas Cage traverse America seeking overly complex clues to solve a mystery. It hits all the right family-friendly genre notes that movies of this kind should, and as a result comes out being something way better than it has any right to be. The very definition of a guilty pleasure.

Which is why this week’s news that National Treasure 3 is finally in development actually has me pretty stoked. As absurd as stealing the declaration of independence or kidnapping the president might seem, the films always manage to make it easy watching.

Chris Bremner’s involvement here is also that of writer. It’ll be his first National Treasure movie, but if the response to Bad Boys 3 is anything to go by, we’re in for a fun ride.

While we’re on the subject of new people being brought in to lead franchises, Taika Waititi is rumored to be Lucasfilm’s favorite for a new Star Wars movies.

The future of Star Wars post-Rise of Skywalker has remained something of a mystery since Disney pulled the plug on the planned anthology movies in favour of their Disney+ shows. Obviously the Game of Thrones guys have dropped out of their proposed trilogy, while Rian Johnson’s future involvement has been unclear for some time now. Disney and Lucasfilm seem eager to follow the success of Marvel. We already know that Kevin Feige is being touted for a Star Wars film, and John Favereau led the production to The Mandalorian, and now, reportedly, Waititi has been approached.

Waititi actually directed the final episode of The Mandalorian, so he has some previous involvement, but I can’t help but feel he may not be the best fit.

Regardless of your thoughts on Ragnarok, Waititi has a very specific brand of humor that made that film what it is. His smaller movies have a similar sensibility, and his voice might not be one that blends with the somewhat melodramatic and overly serious tone of the Star Wars films. They may be crazy movies about space wizards, but they have a definite and recognizable style. And, as we’ve already seen, the “fans” get all rabid and foamy at the mouth when you deviate from that even a little bit, they’d much rather painfully dull, unimaginative and repetitive callbacks, like ROTS.

Either way, it won’t be a while till we see this anyone, assuming it does go ahead. Waititi is still shooting New Goal Wins, and after that he’ll be all systems go on Thor: Love & Thunder. Given Ragnarok’s success, I can’t imagine Marvel nor Disney are all that keen to let him go early on that one.

And, speaking of Marvel, their universe seems to have just gotten even bigger.

After agreeing to a new deal, Sony Pictures seemed determined to move forward with their own proposed universe, which supposedly begun with the Tom Hardy starring Venom. Venom, we assumed, did not take place within the MCU. However, this assumption seems to have become more muddied this week, firstly with the rumors that Tom Holland’s Spider-man, who most definitely does exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will make a cameo appearance in Venom 2, and then by that damned Morbius trailer.

Morbius, starring Jared Leto and based on the Marvel Comics character Morbius the Living Vampire, was presumed to have been, like Venom, a separate entity. However, the trailer suggests there’s some kind of connection, first with a poster glimpsed in one of the shops that shows old web-head with the words “MURDERER” painted over it (hinting at the events of Far From Home), and the second being the surprise appearance of Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes – aka The Vulture – who was the big bad in Spider-man: Homecoming.

What this means is anyone’s guess at this point? But it certainly appears that Sony have decided to go down the route of connecting their movies up with Marvel’s. Who knows?

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