Profane Movies: A Dirty List

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Profane Movies: A Dirty List

We all think it and we all say it. Whether you stub your toe on the corner of a table or you step on your kids Lego block, the profanity will sooner or later rear its ugly head and come spewing forth. Other occasions call for the celebration of winning at NoviBet UK casino games, the complimentary vouchers we won or the job promotion we have always dreamed of, this type of profanity is something akin to a ‘Hell Yes’ moment and sometimes requires something a little more potent. 

With that being said, we have begun to accept the vulgarity used by others and have built an appreciation for the fellow heathen neighbour. They too, in all likelihood, regard us in the same manner and together we can all appreciate the dirty, oh so dirty, list of movies produced with the foulest language, intense scenes and most barbaric natures, everybody likes to get a little dirty from time to time. 


Topping our charts, Robert DeNiro and his crew have dropped the f*bomb 300 times during the film. Based upon a true life drama about a mobster who became an FBI informant. The movie is as intense as is sounds and the profanity has called for an adult rating. We highly recommend this. 

Sweet Sixteen 

Don’t let the movie title fool you, or do. Either way, Sweet Sixteen is a hardcore movie based on the youth in England Glasgow. The f*bomb, amongst many other ear gripping profanities, has been used 313 times and has proven to be a truly disturbing and eye opening movie which is still making movie news decades later. 

Running Scared

If you are a family kind of guy or woman, your protective nature will appreciate the foul language used 315 times throughout the course of this highly disturbing movie. Running Scared is based on the unlikely events of a mother discovering a dark world of child abuse while her husband is dealing with a mob situation. The movie is action packed and intense, something unforgettable in terms of impacting movies to have left an invisible footprint in one’s mind. 

Alpha Dog 

As the name suggests, Alpha Dog is all about dominance. The story is based on a true life story about one of the FBI’s youngest most wanted criminals. After murdering the younger brother of a guy who owed a drug debt, the story touched the hearts of millions and the f*bomb, aptly used, has been repeated 367 times in this Nick Cassavetes’ production, the same director of the Notebook, who would have thought?

The Wolf of Wall Street 

This one is a modern hit. The Wolf of Wall Street is all about money, drugs and profanities. The movie trumps our list with 

One of the most flagged movies due to profane language is Swearnet: The Movie. This is one movie that sports 935 foul language words which would make a sailor blush. The movie is comical and certainly as colourful as the language used. 

We have to admit, the list is as vibrant as the language used and these movies aren’t exactly for the whole family, unless you are a family of two…or one. 

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