Review: Mandao Of The Dead

Mandao Of The Dead

Mandao of the Dead is a new comedy/horror/sci-fi from writer director Scott Dunn and stars DunnMarisa Hood, Sean McBride and Alexandre Chen.

“Jay Mandao (Dunn) and his adult nephew Jackson (McBride) astral projection to reverse a ghost’s death on Halloween

This film combines astral projection and vampires in what could be considered an interesting premise however somewhat fails to deliver on this with the pacing and story – as a film it really failed to launch for me.

Sean McBride gives a believable performance as the man-child character of Jackson. Living with with his mother’s ex partners brother who he calls ‘uncle’. Dunn in the lead role of Jay Mandao should be driving the film forward; he gives a performance that swings for the fences and often misses and ends up rather one note. The supporting cast was also on the whole lack-lustre.

2.5/5 – As a film it offers some interesting ideas but fails to land.

Mandao Of The Dead
Mandao of the Dead

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