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Ben started out as a technology blogger before branching out into writing about Film & TV. An obsessive fan of indie film & dark comedies you will probably find him waxing lyrical about the movies of Kevin Smith, The Coen Brothers, Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino.


IndieMacUser Productions would like to announce they have began advanced pre-production on their first feature documentary ‘KevHeads’.

Mandao Of The Dead

Mandao of the Dead is a new comedy/horror/sci-fi from writer director Scott Dunn and stars Dunn, Marisa Hood, Sean McBride and Alexandre Chen. "Jay Mandao (Dunn)

Reverse Darwinism

From British production company Chocolate Bear Films comes another humorous Short from writers Dermot Daly, Ivan Mack & Kathryn Hanke; directed by Dermot Daly & Ivan Mack. // "Professor Vanessa (Kathryn Hanke is a


Marfa Marfa Marfa is a curious mix consisting mostly of hand-drawn sketch animation accompanying and illustrating a variety of audio recordings based on a poem

Review: Two For Joy

Two For Joy is a new British drama from writer from director Tom BeardThe film stars Samantha Morton, Billie Piper, Daniel Mays, Bella Ramsey, Emilia Jones, & Badger