Gelateria: Review


Gelateria is an esoteric piece of abstract cinema from writing/directing duo of Arthur Patching and Christian Serritiello and released under Tropical Grey Pictures.

“An artist is forced to journey into an unknown world far from home to retrieve her stolen work.”

This film features a series of intriguing vignettes which are often visually stunning and with some fun character roles along the way.

The film however, much like all great abstract European cinema refuses to stick to any kind of narrative thread or structure and you will be hard pushed to find anyway. It is at times gritty & real and at others totally bonkers (such as animated section half way through).

As a ride and cinematic & visual acid trip however it is compelling and has the quality of making you watch till the end whilst not really knowing what or why you are watching.

The talent of the film-makers is clear although any narrative structure is lacking – probably a deliberate choice. It is however more aimed at the hardcore cinephile rather than the casual viewer.

Gelateria gets 3/5

CREDITS: Written, directed, edited, photographed, and produced by Christian Serritiello and Arthur Patching.

Starring Carrie Getman (Eleanor), Tomas Spencer (PC George Hartree), Christian Serritiello (Zbigniew), Jade Willis (Tom Rigby), Simone Spinazze (Giovanni), Arthur Patching (Alfie Dunn), Daniel Brunet (Julius Row), Joulia Strauss (Joulia Strauss), Julie Trappett (Priscilla), and John Keogh (James Flannigan).

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